Batibouw Batibouw, still Belgium’s n° 1 construction fair

Batibouw, still Belgium’s n° 1 construction fair

It will be no surprise: almost everybody (92%) has ever heard of Batibouw. And what’s more, almost half of Belgians has ever visited the preeminent trade fair for construction, renovation and home improvement. No less than 80% claim to have been (very) satisfied about their last visit to the fair.


Belgians are born with a brick in the stomach and it seems that the flame of enthusiasm for construction will not extinguish any time soon: more than 1 out of 10 Belgians indicate to have plans to visit Batibouw in the coming days.

Our survey shows that 3% of Belgians has building plans this year and 1 out of 4 is thinking of renovating. In average, 30% of them intend to visit Batibouw.

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People visit the fair for various reasons, but mostly to find inspiration or to gather information about a specific topic (for example kitchens, bathrooms,..). For others, it’s interesting to find everything they need to know under one roof or to stay up to date on latest trends. For a minority, it’s just a nice day out.

Among those not attending, a large majority is simply not interested in building/renovation. For 1 in 5 the fair is just too crowded .

It looks like this year again, Batibouw will be a great source of inspiration for a lot of Belgians.

(*) Survey conducted among 1006 Belgians, representative sample