Shutterstock 1186335634 Now is the time to turn crisis into opportunity. The future is now!

Now is the time to turn crisis into opportunity. The future is now!

A period of crisis is disruptive, to say the least. Social trends that already existed among a limited group of people are now gaining support, for example teleworking, digitisation, online shopping in food… Many companies are reducing or postponing investments. Companies often cut their advertising, marketing and research spending, while at the same time their consumers are changing very quickly and media and consumer behaviour is evolving rapidly. As a result, they miss out on enormous growth opportunities.


A crisis often leads businesses to the essence of what they can do for society, for consumers, for other companies, for employees and even for the planet.

This is exactly why a crisis is an excellent time for companies to evaluate strategic choices. It is crucial to identify the changes in customer behaviour and translate them into an adapted strategy or offer. It's about thinking outside of current strategies and concepts that have always been available. Now, more than ever, it's time for businesses to think about innovation. It's the companies that use this time to invest in understanding their customers that will come out of this stronger than ever.

New insights

In this context, companies need new insights. Some things will go back to the pre-corona era. Others will never be the same as before. It takes an average of 66 days to fully master a new habit. This means that a lot of habits will have changed fundamentally.

In times of crisis, it is crucial to map more insights, not less. People spend more time at home. So they have time to compare insurances or energy providers. Travel cancellation insurance will never be the same again. Hobbies have changed. At the same time, people are financially impacted. This means that both trusted and lesser-known brands, both private brands and A-brands face new challenges. In some categories the A-brands will win, in others the private brands. More than ever, it's important to understand these dynamics even better!

The new normal

Profacts helps its customers to prepare for the new future, by continuously tracking "The new normal", both B2C and B2B. On a monthly basis, we map consumer behaviour in various domains, such as mobility, shopper behaviour, safety and hygiene, sustainability, the importance of brands, leisure and culture, telecom, etc.

In addition, customers can easily and quickly start up a survey themselves, allowing them to follow up the results in the moment. This can be done via our powerful and user-friendly Emolytics platform.

Knowledge is power!

Consider this crisis as an opportunity and help boost entrepreneurial confidence.

Focus on innovation and research.

Stay close to your customer and evaluate your strategy in time.

Companies that understand their customers’ needs will recover much faster from this crisis.

A new wave of coronavirus is likely to hit us again. So, be prepared.