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Profacts and b²sense join forces

Profacts, a pioneering and full-service market research agency located in Ghent, together with b²sense, a rapidly growing market research agency from Diegem, near Brussels, have announced their strategic collaboration.

More than the sum of its parts

Profacts and b²sense are combining their expertise and resources to deliver innovative research and advice solutions for both companies and government bodies. But that’s not all. The complementary nature of the two agencies promises to bring a uniquely powerful synergy into play, both for the Belgian market and beyond.

As the CEO of Profacts, Carine Vaeremans, tells us: “What brings us together is a key focus on customized work, inventive research and a pronounced ambition to thoroughly understand the needs of our local and international clients. This enables us to offer them the necessary keys to success and help them develop future-focused solutions with the highest possible impact."

Sights firmly set on the future

The two research agencies are excited about the advantages and opportunities this collaboration will provide for their clients. Furthermore, they share a similar vision for the future, enabling them to leverage their research expertise, sector knowledge, technology, and innovation to develop tangible solutions for B2B, B2C, and even B2B2C scenarios.

Kris Smet, the managing partner of b²sense, explains: “This means that insights with impact are the result of doing more than just good research. For us, this collaboration represents the next step towards providing even better targeted support for our clients as well as giving them the confidence to achieve sustainable growth.”

Both companies will continue to operate from their current locations in Ghent and Brussels.

For additional details regarding this strategic partnership, kindly contact Carine Vaeremans, CEO at Profacts' CEO, or Kris Smet, managing partner at b²sense

About Profacts:

Profacts has emerged as a pioneering market research and consultancy agency with its offices situated at The Loop, Ghent. Its mission is to reveal insights and provide strategic recommendations firmly based on scientifically validated research to national and international companies and governments.

Along with hybrid research solutions in both quantitative and qualitative market research, an in-house call centre and a local field team for face-to-face fieldwork, Profacts continues to invest in innovative AI, digital and data-driven research solutions in support of its clients' challenges. Profacts possesses a wealth of experience across multiple sectors and a wide range of research and consultancy fields. Vectis Private Equity has supported Profacts' growth since 2020.

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Our offices: Pauline Van Pottelsberghelaan 12 - 9051 Ghent

About b²sense:

In recent years, b²sense has emerged as a benchmark in B2B2C market research in Belgium, Europe and other international markets. b²sense’s mission is to unburden its local and international clients beyond the operational level using a fully-tailored approach, inventive quantitative and qualitative research, and its own in-house call centre. In order to provide high-impact insights and solutions across various sectors, b²sense combines strong methodological knowledge with a unique ListenGuideMakeSense approach.

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Our offices: Leonardo da Vincilaan 19A/8 – 1831 Diegem