Profacts Bpost Paperreach 003 Profacts, proud Research & Insights partner of Paper Reach, the brand new in-home advertisement tool

Profacts, proud Research & Insights partner of Paper Reach, the brand new in-home advertisement tool


Paper Reach was launched recently by Bpost Media with the aim of providing a reliable reference and a recognized measurement system for Paper Mail as a medium. The tool is intended to enable advertisers or agencies to estimate the impact of their Paper Mail campaigns.

The Paper Reach tool is based on the Paper Reach Survey. This survey is an initiative that was born from the need to gather for the Belgian media landscape (advertisers and agencies) robust, up-to-date and objective data about the attitudes and behaviors of consumers regarding their letterbox, and specifically towards adressed advertising mail (or Paper Mail, also called Direct Mail). This data, and specifically the key performance indicators it provides, will help advertisers and agencies to make a better and informed choice regarding their media mix.

Within this context, Bpost Media put together a reliable task force to carry out this study, gathering experts of ACC, UBA and UMA.

We are extremely proud that Profacts was the market research agency selected to conduct the survey with a representative panel over two complementary stages:

  • “Establishment Survey” or exploratory research

Through online (CAWI) and phone (CATI) interviews, the general behaviors, attitudes and preferences of consumers regarding their letterbox as an advertising medium was mapped, as well as the profile of the respondents.

  • “Media Behavior Survey” or registration of the behavior regarding specific Paper Mails

During this stage, participants filled out an online logbook daily, identifying every piece of Paper Mail received during the first week and indicating their behavior regarding these piece up to three weeks after reception.

Based on these two stages, the Paper Reach Media Tool was developed. Find out more about it in this video or this article.