Summer Vacation Concept How do Belgians spend their summer break?

How do Belgians spend their summer break?


Profacts did a research about how Belgians experience their summer holidays that shows that not less than 65% of the Belgians go on a summer break and generally prefer to take their partner or family with them.

1.080 Belgians participated to this research. Overall, 65% of the Belgians go on a summer holiday. 1 out of 5 stays in Belgium and spends summer break at the seaside (68%) or in the Ardennes (23%). 89% of the respondents who go abroad, stay in Europe.

Whom do we prefer to travel with?

On average, almost 1 out of 5 (73%) prefers to spend his vacation with his family or partner. 16% choose to go on a summer break with friends. 9% of the male respondents love to travel alone.

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What do we consider important when choosing a holiday destination?

  • Budget: 45%
  • Rest: 37%
  • Nature: 34%
  • Culture: 29%
  • Weather: 35%

41% of the over-fifties consider rest as a crucial factor when choosing their holiday destinations. Only 30% of the Belgians younger than 35 take rest into consideration.

People younger than 35 take the budget into account more than the respondents older than 50: 51% against 37%.

How much money do we spend on vacation (per person)?

An average of 58% of the Belgian respondents spend less than 1.000 euros a person. 11% spends more than 1.700 euros a person.

47% of the Belgians younger than 35 spend less than 700 euros a person. With 1700 euros a person, 18% of the over-fifties spend substantially more than the younger respondents.