Effie Bronze Silver Gold Marketing effectiveness, more important than ever!

Marketing effectiveness, more important than ever!


The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has a major impact on consumer behaviour, media consumption and marketing campaigns. In these times of crisis, the effectiveness of marketing and communication efforts has become more important than ever. This is also reflected in the number of registrations for the Effie Belgium Awards edition 2020, that breaks yet another record.

Each year, the Effie Awards honour the most effective marketing communication campaigns. As a partner of the Effie Awards, Profacts believes in the impact of strong marketing campaigns. Therefore, we offer a wide range of innovative research methodologies. These solutions enable us to translate the target group’s insights into useful recommendations for our customers to (re)build their brands. This strategic exercise often leads to significant innovations or to a whole new service or product approach.

Now more than ever, we want to help our customers to work out strong brand and product campaigns that make a real difference.

(*) For more information about the Effie Awards, please consult the website of Effie Belgium.